• WIN one of the 25 Discovery of Organic Boxes worth over £130 each!

    Worth over £130 each, our Discovery of Organic boxes are filled with organic products including new product launches and favourite organic staples!
    Enter our Instagram competition this #OrganicSeptember for your chance to win one!

  • Comfrey: Make your own fertiliser

    Comfrey leaves are full of vital nutrients: it’s easy to turn them into an excellent (and free!) liquid fertiliser.

  • Join The Organic Movement Giveaway

    A perfect giveaway for gardeners and aspiring organic gardeners!⁠

  • Online Gardening Courses

    Explore a range of self-guided online gardening courses created by Garden organic UK.

  • Organic flowers: buy or grow your own

    This May, together with Abel & Cole and Garden Organic UK we are celebrating the environmental and social benefits of organic flower growing.

  • Sustainable Gardening Giveaway 2022

    Our new Instagram Giveaway dedicated to the Home and Gardening Month!

  • How to Create an Organic Garden?

    In this guide, Viridian’s Head Nutritionist Aimee Benbow discusses with Garden Organic’s Head of Organic Horticulture Chris Collins the benefits and joys of organic growing.

  • Natural gloves protect you and nature

    While most of us think of protecting our hands with gloves when working in the garden or doing housework, not all of us think about how these gloves are produced and what materials they might be made from.

  • Clever clover and organic farming

    St. Patrick's day is a great day to celebrate a wonderful plant like clover, a herb with three toothed leaflets, for its amazing qualities used in environmentally friendly gardening and farming.

  • How to ‘grow your own’ 2022 Festive Feast from scratch

    With the festive period now fading from memory and everyone looking forwards to the new year, our friends, organic gardening experts at Garden Organic, have created this growing schedule so you can make your next Christmas dinner a sustainable DIY one!

  • The True Cost of Non-Organic Food

    It’s an all-too familiar question: “Why is organic food more expensive?” But, have you ever considered the alternative to that? Guest writer Lizzie Rivera looks deeper...

  • Hero Stories - Mr Organic

    Mr Organic believes in a more conscious and organic way of living, to leave the planet in a better way than we found it, for generations to come. Everyone is invited to get involved, get creative, think fresh and make positive little steps towards a delicious, exciting future.

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