Organic isn't just better for you & the environment; livestock & wildlife benefit too. Meet farmers & learn how to make better choices with Feed Your Happy.

  • Sustainable fish products

    Seafood is a crucial food source for over 3 billion people worldwide, but the seafood industry has historically harmed the environment.

  • Organic farms and gardens to visit in the UK in 2023

    Visiting British organic farms and gardens can be a good fun for the whole family to explore beautiful scenery and taste organic food.

  • The People of Eastbrook Farm - Helen Browning’s Organic

    At Eastbrook Farm, home of Helen Browning’s Organic, all the staff have vital roles in maintaining what the brand stands for today. We spoke to a few staff about what they do and why they love working here.

  • Surplus carbon produced set to benefit every customer

    The surplus carbon that Rhug Estate produces is set to benefit every customer over the next 12 months. Each vehicle that visits Rhug’s farmshop, café, drive thru and takeaway, will be given the peace of mind that part of their onward journey will be carbon neutral thanks to the carbon saved on Rhug’s organic farm.

  • Organic flowers: buy or grow your own

    This May, together with Abel & Cole and Garden Organic UK we are celebrating the environmental and social benefits of organic flower growing.

  • How to Create an Organic Garden?

    In this guide, Viridian’s Head Nutritionist Aimee Benbow discusses with Garden Organic’s Head of Organic Horticulture Chris Collins the benefits and joys of organic growing.

  • The Big Give Green Match Fund Campaign

    Support Climate Friendly Farming - one donation, twice the impact

  • Organic hand and nail products

    An overview of some wonderful Herbfarmacy hand and nail care products.

  • Clever clover and organic farming

    St. Patrick's day is a great day to celebrate a wonderful plant like clover, a herb with three toothed leaflets, for its amazing qualities used in environmentally friendly gardening and farming.

  • Organic Spotlight: Rookery Farm

    We are pleased to introduce Rookery Farm as one of our latest members - a producer of delicious organic eggs based in Flansham, West Sussex.

  • Does your t-shirt have stains? Why we need to support organic cotton

    When guest writer Vicki Hird explored the impact of cotton production on invertebrates for her book ‘Rebugging the Planet’, she was alarmed to see how toxic this everyday textile can be. Yet she also found that better cotton is possible, and we could all be supporting a significant and critical shift in this industry. Here Vicki explores further...

  • The True Cost of Non-Organic Food

    It’s an all-too familiar question: “Why is organic food more expensive?” But, have you ever considered the alternative to that? Guest writer Lizzie Rivera looks deeper...

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