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  • Microplastic and pregnancy

    In a study, published in the journal 'Environment International', the researchers detected microplastics in human placentas and carried with them substances which act like endocrine disruptors and could cause long-term effects on human health.

  • Shopping sustainably for children's clothing

    More and more parents are becoming aware of environmental issues and might want to make more conscious decisions, when shopping for clothing for their children. Here are some tips for when you take your little ones shopping.

  • Organic Flour From UK Farmers

    With more people looking for ways to be more eco-conscious when shopping, choosing products like flour, produced locally and in a way which is nature-friendly, is a strong and rising trend.

  • Aspall Organic Vinegars

    Aspall Vinegar is a business which has deep rooted links to organic.

  • Organic cheese brands from UK farmers

    Organic dairy products are not just delicious, but also are beneficial for wildlife and nature being a product of organic farming.

  • HayMax: An Organic Way for Hay Fever Sufferers

    July is peak hay fever season for people allergic to grass pollen. 95% of hay fever sufferers in the UK are allergic to grass pollen, and with almost half the population estimated to be affected by hay fever, that’s around 29 million people affected. Fortunately there is an organic way for hay fever sufferers to help deal with their hay fever.

  • Organic Extras for BBQ

    To make your summer grill really organic, don't just stop with meat - there are plenty of organic spices, sauces and vegetables which can complement the meal!

  • What to look for when buying organic meat

    We have listed a few tips for those who are new to an organic diet and are looking for some directions on where to find organic meat and what to look for. One of the leading UK organic farmers, Lord Newborough, the owner of Rhug Estate, will also share some tips to help new adopters find and choose organic products.

  • Where to eat out organic in the UK

    For the days when you don't feel like cooking or if you are travelling in the UK, there are some great places where you can enjoy organic meals.

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