Hello! We're Organic UK and we want to make organic an everyday choice, forever. When we eat organic, we feel good as we know we’re giving ourselves and our families tasty food produced to the highest standards.

We love that when we buy and eat organic food, we are helping change our food system for the better. Organic means working with nature, using real ingredients, with animals free to forage and graze on land that’s home to more wildlife. Mother nature cracked it years ago – all we need to do is choose organic!

Our Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign invites you to add happiness to the world and your life by feeding your happy with organic. Food as it should be - good for you and your family, good for the animals and good for the planet.

Choosing organic means:

Fewer pesticides
Pesticides in organic farming are used as a last resort and with special permission from the organic certifier. Only 28 pesticides, derived from natural ingredients are permitted for use on organic farms. Non-organic farming can use up to 300 pesticides.

No artificial colours & preservatives
Hydrogenated fats and artificial food colourings and preservatives are not permitted under organic standards.

Always free range
Animals raised organically enjoy the highest welfare standards available. On organic farms, animals have access to pasture with plenty of space to graze and forage.

No routine use of antibiotics
Organic means healthier animals raised without the need for routine or preventative use of antibiotics. Farm animals now account for almost two-thirds of all antibiotics used in the EU. When you buy organic meat and dairy, you are helping to safeguard the effectiveness of antibiotics.

No GM ingredients
Currently, the UK does not grow any GM crops commercially but nearly all UK non-organic livestock is raised on imported GM feed. GM ingredients and crops are not permitted under organic standards.

Look for the little EU organic leaf - a simple shortcut to find food you can trust. Read more, here.

Who we are...
Organic UK (The Organic Trade Board) started in 2009 with a mission to grow the market for organic in the UK. We're an independent non-profit membership organisation with over 140 members across the organic industry from brands to producers, retailers and certifiers. To find out more about us and what we do click here or get in touch.

The Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign is funded 80% by the EU and 20% by OTB Members. The EU funding is awarded under the promotion policy: DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, governed by EU regulation no.1144/2014, other eligible products and schemes are all agricultural products excluding tobacco; also fishery products and EU Quality Schemes (including organic). The campaign is a joint campaign with Organic Denmark and is the largest international organic campaign. The funding is split with the UK receiving a budget of €7.2m, and Denmark receiving €3.2m – a total of €10.4m over three years. You can read more about our funding, here.

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