If you love organic food, you will love to read from our blog on how people and animals can work together to create the best organic food in the UK.

  • Donation to the Organic Research Centre with the Big Give Green Match Fund 2023

    Double your donation to the Organic Research Centre with the Big Give Green Match Fund 2023.

  • Organic farms and gardens to visit in the UK in 2023

    Visiting British organic farms and gardens can be a good fun for the whole family to explore beautiful scenery and taste organic food.

  • Organic meat & vegetable boxes for Christmas

    Whether you need a good selection of organic vegetables or meat for your Christmas lunch, explore our new guide.

  • The People of Eastbrook Farm - Helen Browning’s Organic

    At Eastbrook Farm, home of Helen Browning’s Organic, all the staff have vital roles in maintaining what the brand stands for today. We spoke to a few staff about what they do and why they love working here.

  • Meet the Agouti: the master behind Brazil nuts

    How do you eat Brazil nuts? Whether you snack on them, mix them into bakes or use as a salad topper, they are versatile nuts that have many tasty benefits – but have you ever stopped to wonder how Brazil nuts are grown?

  • Great Taste Awards for Rhug Estate’s organic lamb chops and rump steak

    Rhug Estate is delighted to have won two Great Taste Awards for its organic Welsh lamb chops and organic Aberdeen Angus beef rump steak.

  • What to look for when buying organic meat

    We have listed a few tips for those who are new to an organic diet and are looking for some directions on where to find organic meat and what to look for. One of the leading UK organic farmers, Lord Newborough, the owner of Rhug Estate, will also share some tips to help new adopters find and choose organic products.

  • Organic Meat Hamper giveaway from Helen Browning's Organic

    The perfect giveaway for those who want to explore a fabulous range of organic products!

  • Organic meat boxes

    British free range organic beef, pork, lamb and chicken delivered to your doorstep!

  • Benefits of organic meat

    With more and more people taking a responsible approach when shopping for meat, and reducing their meat consumption, it is no surprise that the organic meat industry is on the rise. Health, animal welfare and environment are major points of concern which lead people to buy less but better quality meat. In this article we will share some key points of a scientific research as well as interviews with leading organic UK farmers, to shed more light on the benefits of organic meat for people, animals and the environment.

  • Organic Spotlight: Rookery Farm

    We are pleased to introduce Rookery Farm as one of our latest members - a producer of delicious organic eggs based in Flansham, West Sussex.


    Create your very own vegan year with the help of best-selling author Niki Webster, of Rebel Recipes. Niki continues to fill a gap in the market for the younger audience by creating a complete ‘365-day’ guide into bringing celebrations to life, with everything anyone would need to know in order to effortlessly glide through the seasons and create their own vegan year.

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