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  • Organic Spotlight: Equinox Kombucha

    Equinox Kombucha is an organic brand that was established in 2013 by Robert Charles and Daphne Charist.

  • Organic Spotlight – Progressive Agriculture

    Progressive Agriculture is a consultancy run by Charlie Curtis, an expert agronomist, offering guidance and advice to organic farmers wanting to adopt regenerative systems and farmers converting to organic.

  • Organic Spotlight: Wallaroo

    Wallaroo was born out of the experience of parents Swati and Abhisek who found that the lure of packaged snacks was often too strong for their growing daughter.

  • Organic Spotlight: Coombe Farm

    Coombe Farm Organic, based in the beautiful Somerset countryside, was set up as a form of farm diversification five years ago. With sustainability at its heart, the team have taken what was a by-product of the successful organic dairy farm, male calves, and by careful breeding, created award-winning beef.

  • HayMax Organic allergen barrier balm supports allergy UK Awareness Week

    This Spring Allergy Awareness Week will be all about hay fever aims to raise awareness of important issues affecting the estimated 21 million people in the UK living with allergic disease, which is where the leading organic drug-free allergen barrier balm, HayMax comes in.

  • Organic Spotlight: Local Greens

    Local Greens is a not-for-profit, organic veg bag scheme operating out of the railway arches in Herne Hill. The inspiration for the initiative came from Growing Communities, an ethical organic veg box scheme and garden in Stoke Newington, established over 20 years ago. Co-founded by Jean and Therese, who wanted to provide their neighbourhood with organic and biodynamic seasonal vegetables gown as near as possible to South East London. With a commitment to their local community, any profits go to support local community projects.

  • Food Waste Action Week

    Food waste is a big problem. It is one of the biggest contributors to climate change using water, land, energy, time, and transportation to produce our food. In UK homes we waste 4.5 million tonnes of edible food every year - enough to make 10 million meals!

  • GOTS and Sustainable Fashion

    We are sure that you’ve heard about sustainable fashion – but do you know what it means, why the movement has developed and you can know what ethical fashion really is?

  • Vintage Roots - The Organic Wine Specialists

    Vintage Roots have been in the organic wine industry for over 30 years - that's quite an achievement! We took the opportunity to learn more about them and find out what is so special about organic wine.

  • Organic Supplements

    Do you use supplements and if so, how much thought do you put into choosing which ones to take? Are synthetic supplements as effective as natural, organic ones?

  • How to shop organic

    We often talk about the many reasons why you should shop organic, but we don't often cover how you shop organic. So we've put together this little guide for you!

  • Look for the Logo

    Are you confused about what products are organic? Can anyone claim to produce or sell organic products? Here is a quick guide on what logos to look out for to ensure that the products you are buying meet the strict organic standards required in the UK.

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