Organic News: January 2023

Clearspring are launching new Japanese Brown Rice Crackers, Zinger updated the packaging for the Big Zinger product and the first Organic Textiles Week starts in the UK in May 2023.

Organic News: January 2023

Two unique new Brown Rice Crackers from Clearspring

Japanese and organic fine foods specialist Clearspring has added two exciting gluten free, authentic, vegan and organic Japanese Brown Rice Cracker flavours to its award-winning snacks range: Black Pepper & Tamari and Green Nori & Tamari.

The new Organic Japanese Brown Rice Crackers are made using the finest quality organic wholefood ingredients. The Organic Black Pepper & Tamari is perfectly balanced with tamari and a hint of black sesame seeds. The Organic Green Nori & Tamari is enhanced with the umami found in tamari, the unique taste of green nori, one of the most popular sea vegetables, and an added hint of black sesame seeds.

Maria Dawson, Director at Clearspring said about the new additions:

“The majority of Japanese and Asian rice crackers are made using white rice and usually contain fish stock, added sugar and MSG. It took over a year to perfect these two new and unique recipes, which deliver on wholegrain crunch and taste whilst being minimally processed using organic wholefood ingredients.

“Our Organic Brown Rice Crackers offer consumers a delicious way to enjoy the benefits of organic wholegrain brown rice and are a wholesome plant-based food perfect for any occasion.”

Organic Ginger Zingers give you a natural boost when you need it most this new year

James White’s Ginger Zingers are a natural drink with no added preservatives, flavours or colours that is 100% organic. The shots will make you feel naturally boosted through their zingy flavours. Ginger is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help with your health kick to start 2023.

The best way to consume ginger is through the Big Zinger Shot bottles, supplying you with 5 Ginger shots in one drink. Just store it in your fridge ready for when you fancy a zingy pick me up.

OTB & GOTS Announce launch of new Organic Textile Week

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) are delighted to announce the launch of Organic Textile Week.

The OTB and GOTS formed a partnership at the end of 2020 and worked together throughout 2021 to understand how textile organisations working in the organic sector can raise awareness and sales of proven certified organic textile products. In March 2022, the partnership led to the formation of a textile group within the OTB comprising of OTB Members such as Bamford, Greenfibres, My Little Green Wardrobe and Natracare, led by People Tree, one of the OTB’s newest members.

The OTB Textile Group, together with GOTS and other operators who will join, will spearhead the consumer campaign which aims to educate on organic textiles certified to Global Organic Textile Standards, as well as to increase awareness and sales in the sector.

The week will be held in May 2023 and will involve a vast cross section of the UK organic textile industry and will have a standalone website focussed on organic textiles.

Visit the website:

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