New Organic Product Launches - September 2022

Pukka Herbs launches NEW multi-sensory, dual-action tea, Breathe In – expertly blended to clear the senses; Viridian launches the UK's first organic Magnesium extracted from ethically sourced Sea Lettuce.

New Organic Product Launches - September 2022

Organic Magnesium supplement is a UK first by Viridian

Constantly igniting different reactions throughout the body, magnesium is the ‘spark of life.’ New Organic Magnesium by ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition is an innovative plant-sourced form of the essential micronutrient magnesium.

Derived from a type of wild seaweed known as sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca), the leaf-like structures are naturally enormously abundant in vitamins and minerals.

Viridian’s organic sea lettuce is sustainably grown without the need of land, fresh water, fertilisers or pesticides. The marine plant grows on rocky shores and seabeds, in the Mediterranean Sea and is harvested by hand to ensure regrowth. The sea lettuce is carefully dried to preserve the rich levels of magnesium.

This innovation is the first certified organic magnesium food supplement in the UK, having been produced without the use of fertilisers, pesticides, or other chemicals. The certification by the Soil Association guarantees its purity and eco-friendliness.

Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, supports electrolyte balance, the nervous system, normal muscle function, normal psychological function and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Key features:

• Natural source of magnesium

• Certified Organic by the Soil Association

• 150mg of magnesium per capsule

• No fillers, binders or artificial additives

• Vegan formulation

  • Magnesium Bisglycinate

Pukka Herbs launches NEW multi-sensory, dual-action tea, Breathe In

Herbal wellbeing company, Pukka Herbs, announces the launch of Breathe In – a 100% organic, refreshing blend of eucalyptus, mint, ginger, lemon thyme and a touch of honey to help people awaken and refresh their senses.

According to Dalia Research, 26% of those who drank tea during the pandemic did so to relieve cold and flu symptoms.1 This shows that people are turning to tea both as a means of supporting immunity but also of providing short-term relief. This heightened focus on immunity support is expected to continue longer term: 61% of consumers in North America and 56% of consumers in Europe say they have made changes to the diets and lifestyles to support immune health since the pandemic.2

Breathe In is a refreshing combination of organic, fairly sourced, highest-quality herbs to help you breathe deeply and awaken your senses, making it the ideal blend to support people during the high pollen season, as well as during the long, damp and cold winter months. It is the first Pukka tea blend to contain eucalyptus, a powerful aromatic herb known to open up airways and allow deeper breath.

This unique blend, with its combination of flavours and benefits, has two key functions: inhale the aromatic volatile oils and refreshing scent of mint and eucalyptus then sip and enjoy the warming flavour of ginger with a touch of soothing honey to cool and balm the senses.

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