14 new, 12 improved recipes, and 6 existing best-selling products across soups, veg pots and cooks’ ingredients, all launching this September. (continue..)


Tideford Organics, the UK’s only mainstream, organic, plant-based, vegan, gluten and nut-free food brand, is investing heavily in the brand with a whole new look and a raft of 14 new, 12 improved recipes and 6 existing best-selling products across soups, veg pots and cooks’ ingredients, all launching this September.

Devon-based Tideford, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with £1million of support for the brand over three years, has just experienced the strongest year on year growth of any chilled soup brand at +34%, whilst attracting 58,000 new shoppers to the category, bringing incremental growth for retailers1.

As part of this investment, the award-winning organic and plant-based specialist is segmenting its flagship chilled soup and veg pot ranges into three sub-ranges, underpinned by the key food trends of 2021: Superfoods, Inspired and Favourites.

The new Tideford Organics Superfoods range of chilled soups and veg pots

has been created in partnership with food nutritionist Jenna Hope, to support the mind and body's natural health. From revitalising and energising to immunity building and gut-friendly, each recipe has been developed to harness the natural goodness in organic fresh ingredients.

Organic's unique positioning as being associated by consumers as a shortcut to health means that this Superfoods range is not just underpinned by a creative use of ingredients but also by the organic nature of those ingredients.

The Superfoods range includes six fresh soups (all 600g, RRP £2.89) and three veg pots (all 360g, RRP £2.50).

The Tideford Organics Inspired range of soups and veg pots

takes consumers on a flavour journey through some of international cuisine's best loved and most recognisable recipes. From Jamaica to Mexico and Thailand to India, each recipe is inspired by the flavours and ingredients of each dish to create a meal which tantalises the tastebuds.

There are six soups (600g, RRP £2.89 plus three varieties also available in a single-serve 380g pot, RRP £1.79) and four veg pots (360g, RRP £2.50) in the new Inspired range.

The Tideford Organics Favourites range of soups

is just as it sounds, inspired by the nation's favourite soup flavours, each with its very own Tideford twist to make it vegan, gluten- and nut-free.

The nation's favourite creamed tomato soup is given a plant-based, vegan twist with the use of butterbeans – Tomato + Butterbean - to create the creamy texture, whilst the Creamy Mushroom uses creamed coconut and soya milk for a silky texture. Other varieties include Tideford's take on pea soup with Pea, Coconut + Turmeric, a Spiced Parsnip, Country Vegetable, Minestrone with gluten-free pasta and a Carrot + Coriander Soup with a hint of chilli.

In total there are seven SKUs in the new Favourites soups range (all 600g, RRP £2.89 plus three varieties also available in a single-serve 380g pot, RRP £1.79).

Cook's Ingredients

In addition to its new, segmented soups and meal pots ranges, Tideford Organics is also introducing an extended range of five pasta sauces – Vegetable Bolognese, Tomato + Jackfruit Ragu and Tomato + Basil (350g, RRP £2.79), two pestos – Smoky Red Pepper + Garlic and Basil + Garlic (150g, RRP £2.79) and Vegetable Gravy with Miso (400g, RRP £2.29) designed to appeal to home cooks seeking 100% plant-based and healthy organic options for cooking from scratch. All of the new varieties blend classic recipes with on-trend ingredients.

New Look

As well as the innovative NPD push, the brand will also benefit from an updated look which more clearly communicates its organic and plant-based status on pack, providing much clearer signposting for consumers. The brand’s ‘Taste the Good’ strapline is underpinned by the message that ‘if it’s not organic…it’s not in the pot’, reflecting the way in which consumers understand organic to mean healthier, more natural and tastier ingredients.

Commenting on the NPD and new brand look, David Page, Executive Chair, Tideford Organics said: “There is a growing desire by consumers to buy both plant-based and organic and this is reflected in our new look packaging and product ranges, as well as the marketing support for the brand.

“We know Tideford’s unique organic and plant-based positioning is attractive to vegans, flexitarians and health-seekers, and as such the brand is extremely well-placed to meet consumers’ needs – which is evident in the brand’s success over the past year. Particularly in soups, Tideford is the only chilled soup brand to have this differentiated positioning.

“There are brands which do organic and brands which do plant-based but remarkably few do both. For Tideford it’s a winning combination which signals better for you and better for the planet. The pandemic has certainly shone a spotlight on people wanting to stay healthy and look after their planet better and consumers are increasingly associating organic with naturalness and health.

“Retailers have a unique opportunity to satisfy consumers’ needs through our clear and focused brand proposition.”

The innovative plant-based and organic company has secured listings for its new range of products in several national UK retailers, including Sainsbury’s and Ocado, from September 2021.

1.Kantar World Panel data to end 2020

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