Organic News: March 2023

Organico Realfoods is the first UK company to be verified by Planet-score®, achieving the highest possible triple A score; Make 2023 the year of the refill and send single-use plastic packing with the Abel & Cole Club Zero award winning refill delivery service.

Organic News: March 2023

Organico Realfoods is the first UK company to be verified by Planet-score®

Organico Realfoods is proud to announce that all Organico products have gone through the rigorous Planet-score® assessment process for environmental impact. Organico products have all achieved a triple A score, the highest possible. Organico is the first company and brand in the UK to go through the scoring assessment process, although the system is already widely used in France and is being advanced in a number of other European countries.

What is Planet-score® rating system?

The issue of greenwashing is increasingly becoming a problem as consumers struggle to make sense of competing claims. Planet-score® is an independent and transparent methodology for the environmental labelling of food.

Planet-score® is an environmental rating system based on ADEME’s Agribalyse database and other complementary key elements, such as biodiversity, pesticides, IPCC updates of climatic elements, etc. It integrates the environmental impact from farm to fork (ingredients, their origin, cultivation or rearing methods, packaging, and transport).

The Planet-score® is a label designed to be displayed on food products, on packaging as well as on e-commerce websites or mobile applications.

Who are Organico Realfoods?

Organico is a pioneer sustainable food company that sources from small artisan producers, family farms and co-operatives with a focus on both the joy of delicious provenance foods and addressing key ethical and environmental priorities.

Image: Charles Redfern Supplier Handshake

Organico works with pioneer organic farms and producers helping them deal with the complexities of the grocery market, so they can focus on doing good on the land. The company’s Better than Net policy is an exemplary template for an honest but also ambitious approach to the tricky challenge of addressing the issue of a business’s carbon footprint. Organico Realfoods is also close to obtaining B Corp certification. Products in the Organico brand include pasta, sauces, rice, breadsticks, oils, vinegars and a simple but versatile soya-based meat replacement.

Click here to download "Better than Net Zero" Organico Carbon Footprint report.

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