September 2022 Sustainability News from Mr Organic, Noble Foods and Pukka Herbs

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September 2022 Sustainability News from Mr Organic, Noble Foods and Pukka Herbs

Mr Organic’s limited edition Super Chopped Tomatoes

SUPER TOMATOES! Mr Organic’s limited edition Super Chopped Tomatoes have been grown organically, which means protected habitats, more biodiversity and reduced Co2 emissions. 10p from each tin sold this September and October will be donated to growing charity Garden Organic to help fund their education programs and research into how Organic agriculture can help us all save our planet. Available now from Ocado, Abel & Cole and Gorillas.

Pukka Herbs announces it has funded the planting of over 1.2 million trees with TreeSisters

Herbal wellbeing company, Pukka Herbs, announces it has funded the planting of over 1.2 million trees in partnership with Tree Sisters since 2017 in order to help balance the company’s own carbon emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3).

In 2021 alone, Pukka funded the planting of 511,768 trees. This news forms part of the Pukka Impact Report 2021 which details the company’s social and environmental impact.

Pukka is committed to meeting its goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which it announced in 2019. However, the company has identified the need for immediate action on climate to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safely store it in plants and the soil. Therefore the company has selected two partners, TreeSisters and World Land Trust, to invest in nature-based carbon removal projects, after reviewing more than 40 nature and biodiversity projects around the world.

Pukka selected TreeSisters and World Land Trust as carbon-removal project partners because they are located in countries from which Pukka sources its herbs, and both have a strong focus on climate justice, placing communities at their core. TreeSisters plants trees in 12 different locations from Brazil to West Papua, many of which are close to the equator; trees planted close to the equator grow three times faster than ones in cooler climates and sequester 3 to 9 times more carbon. These projects will play an important role alongside Pukka’s own carbon reductions work within its supply chain.

“We’ve spoken with many organisations and it’s clear that certification is only part of the answer. We know some indigenous peoples and local communities are suffering at the hands of a number of certified offset projects that weren’t developed collaboratively and do not respect their land rights. Smaller, community-led projects also struggle to find the resources needed for certification, presenting a barrier to receiving funding. Pukka has a long history of championing certification, but we recognise its limitations, so here we chose a mix of projects that are aligned with Pukka’s mission and deliver positive impact in ways that go beyond a rubber stamp. As we are not investing in these projects to make a claim to be ‘carbon neutral’ we have the freedom of making this choice.”

Eleanor Jeffrey, Sustainability Manager, Pukka Herbs

TreeSisters is a social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone's hands. They develop reforestation projects which ensure women’s empowerment by following a deep listening approach with Original Peoples.

“Pukka is one of TreeSisters’ most treasured partnerships. They are deeply aligned with our mission of giving back to nature by restoring tropical forests. We have been in partnership with them since 2017, and they have contributed towards funding over one million trees! We appreciate their careful approach towards carbon and their commitment to reductions as more important than removals. Their desire to restore a harmonious relationship with nature through a range of impacts rather than the number of trees planted is genuinely heartening and inspiring. We are honoured, and beyond grateful to be in such a deeply collaborative and evolving partnership that is supporting the restoration of our planet earth.”

- Miriam C. Holmeide - Business Partnership Programme Manager, TreeSisters

World Land Trust (WLT) is a new partner for Pukka and has been protecting some of the world’s most threatened habitats and species since 1989. To date, WLT has secured more than 2 million acres in 20 countries, working with trusted organisations on the ground.

Pukka’s Impact Report provides a detailed overview of the action the company is taking to nurture healthier, happier lives amongst consumers, support planetary health, farm organically with nature, and be a business as a force for good:

• Pukka donated €1,099,801 to environmental & social projects through commitment to 1% for the Planet

98% of Pukka packaging is recyclable and teabags are home compostable

These achievements play a vital role in helping Pukka accomplish its purpose of nurturing healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. For more information on how Pukka is striving to make a positive impact, read the full 2021 report here.


Purely Organic has become the first organic egg brand in the UK to be certified Carbon Neutral by the widely recognised Carbon Trust. The move further strengthens the brand’s sustainability credentials, aligning it with growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products alongside a drive from producers to operate more sustainably.

Noble Foods’ Group Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Glenn Evans said: “Across the board, producers and consumers agree that sustainability is extremely important. Therefore, we believe it’s our responsibility to take a market-leading step forward in carbon reduction”.

During the one-year project approval, The Carbon Trust assessed the CO2 emissions produced on each of the 13 Purely Organic farms, including their full supply chain – from pullet rearing to the disposal of the pulp packaging by the consumer.

The Carbon Trust’s Director of Business Services Tom Cumberlege said “Purely Organic have made an important first step in their net zero journey, by committing to reduce their carbon emissions through improvements in their whole supply chain. In time we hope to work with them on further reductions, ensuring a truly sustainable future for the brand.”

Purely Organic has been working closely with The Carbon Trust to activate and deliver the carbon neutral status to PAS2060 standards, which includes having in place a robust carbon reduction management plan and offsetting its residual greenhouse gas emissions as part of an agreement to support a renewable wind project. In addition, Purely Organic’s producers in the UK are focusing on sustainable practices and improving local biodiversity levels.

Angela MacLean, owner of MacLean Eggs in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, agreed: “For me, supporting the environment is crucial and we are proud to have been able to do this on our farm. We have wild-growing areas, with plenty of natural tree cover and meadows which our hens and the local wildlife enjoy. We also have solar panels on our sheds (or roofs) to generate sustainable power, and we use power factor correction capacitors and voltage optimisers to carefully control how we use that electricity. This technology means we’re running our farm in the most efficient way, helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint and continuing to do what we love in the most sustainable way.”

Becoming carbon neutral is one of many steps that Purley Organic hopes to take, with research and development already underway to understand other environmental initiatives for the brand to adopt.

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