Alara have recently launched new plastic free, single-serve organic breakfast products which show that convenience, eco and health credentials can mix.


There’s a huge consumer interest in convenience, and that is reflected by the growth in convenience breakfast products. But there is a big problem – they are mostly extremely wasteful. And they almost always come in plastic pots or sachets, where there is the real risk that they end up contributing to the plastic pollution epidemic.

Alara wants to show that convenience and environment-friendly solutions can successfully come together in the form of a healthy and nutritious organic breakfast. Their new Alara Singles range uses 100% net zero carbon ingredients and packaging that, when home composted, sequesters carbon in the soil, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. This all adds up to what they believe to be a genuine breakthrough in the breakfast category.

The new range features Fruits & Seeds Muesli, Crispy Fruit Muesli, Scottish Oats Gluten Free Porridge, Goji & Cranberry Gluten Free Muesli and Golden Crisp Gluten Free Granola. Six 40g servings – each packed in a zero-plastic home compostable sachet – are housed in a recyclable card outer, made from sustainably sourced wood.

Its founder, Alex Smith, believes Alara Singles offer a compelling proposition for the food service sector. “We are launching this range because we believe it has tremendous potential especially in the food service sector where there is enormous demand now for gluten-free, and in many cases organic, options. Providing cafés, coffee shops and other food sector operators with gluten-free and organic single-serve products, without the need to be licensed for organic, or going through the protocols for gluten-free, will tick a lot of boxes.”

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