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  • Organic supplements with vitamin C

    Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for our immune system and there is a wide range of supplements containing vitamin C available on the market, but we will be concentrating on certified organic supplements in this article.

  • Elderberries - deep purple berries with an array of researched health benefits.

    They are a rich source of antioxidants, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin A, anthocyanins and flavonoids. In addition, elderberries are an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that have shown to provide relief to those who suffer with common symptoms associated with allergies.
    Photo below: Viridian’s organic elderberries are grown in Austria.

  • Organic Spotlight: Odylique

    If you are looking for a certified Organic, 100% Natural Skincare, Haircare and Makeup brand, then Odylique is the one for you!

  • Organic brands advocating for sustainable and fair trade

    An overview of some wonderful organic brands certified to Fairtrade standards.
    Image courtesy of Clipper Teas.

  • Clever clover and organic farming

    St. Patrick's day is a great day to celebrate a wonderful plant like clover, a herb with three toothed leaflets, for its amazing qualities used in environmentally friendly gardening and farming.

  • Greenwashing in Textiles

    In her new article, journalist and founder of Live Frankly, Lizzie Rivera looks into the issue of greenwashing in organic and synthetic textiles.

  • Women in Organic

    Happy International Women's Day!
    Today we would like to celebrate all women and to acknowledge the contribution of those in the UK organic sector. We would like to thank them for their hard work in promoting organic across various industries.

  • Organic Spotlight: Rookery Farm

    We are pleased to introduce Rookery Farm as one of our latest members - a producer of delicious organic eggs based in Flansham, West Sussex.

  • How to ‘grow your own’ 2022 Festive Feast from scratch

    With the festive period now fading from memory and everyone looking forwards to the new year, our friends, organic gardening experts at Garden Organic, have created this growing schedule so you can make your next Christmas dinner a sustainable DIY one!

  • PAN UK's Pesticide Supermarket Rankings Unveiled

    Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) has surveyed and ranked the ten supermarkets with the largest share of grocery sales against eight criteria related to pesticides, including what support they provide to their suppliers to use non-chemical alternatives. Here are their results...

  • 12 Top Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

    ‘Tis Christmas time. A time of joy, merriment and…well...excess. The question is, how do we have all of the fun with less of an impact on the planet? We asked some of our favourite organic brands for their top tips...

  • Does your t-shirt have stains? Why we need to support organic cotton

    When guest writer Vicki Hird explored the impact of cotton production on invertebrates for her book ‘Rebugging the Planet’, she was alarmed to see how toxic this everyday textile can be. Yet she also found that better cotton is possible, and we could all be supporting a significant and critical shift in this industry. Here Vicki explores further...

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