Get ready for Christmas in organic style!

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Organic, designed with nature in mind

Because organic works with nature, not against it, by protecting our soil, our wildlife and our world. With one small swap to organic, you can take a tangible action to support a more sustainable future for the world in which we live in – by supporting wildlife and high animal welfare; helping combat climate change; and enjoying food as it should be.

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Get ready for Christmas in organic style!

With the holiday season approaching we've got some amazing tips lined up for you on how to celebrate Christmas and New Year's in a more ethical and earth-loving way. We've got guides for everything!

From beauty and wellbeing gifts to delicious festive eats in our hampers and gift boxes. Wondering where to snag the best organic turkey, goose, or duck?

We've got you covered for whatever culinary masterpiece you're planning! And for all you cooking enthusiasts out there, get ready for some mind-blowing recipes to whip up homemade delights and drinks throughout the holidays.

Share the love with your fam or make it a feast with your buddies! Let's make this season merry and bright while being kind to both people and our planet—the organic way!

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    British heritage beauty brand Odylique expands its makeup range with the launch of two unique organic-certified foundations.

  • Organic wines made in the UK

    A fascinating journey through the rich history of English winemaking, celebrating its ancient Roman roots and its revival in the 20th century.

  • Organic news: October 2023

    Helen Browning's launch new bacon; Clearspring launch new product; Tideford Organics is introducing two new world flavour-inspired soups. Organix shares their latest Impact Report.

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Everything you need for your organic lifestyle!

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Vegan Organic Wines

Vegan wine is wine that has not been made with any animal products.

UK Organic Brewery and Distillery tours & tastings

There are several places in the UK where you can enjoy real-life tours and sample organic beer, gin, whisky, and rum.

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Organic means supporting wildlife

Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds, and butterflies. On average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms.

The highest standards of animal welfare

Animals raised organically enjoy the highest welfare standards available. Organic standards insist that animals are given plenty of space and fresh air, and that they are raised in conditions that suit their natural behaviour. Smaller flocks and herds, and more access to the outdoors means organic animals don't have to be routinely treated with antibiotics and wormers. Mutilations like beak-trimming to prevent the aggressive side effects of stress are also not needed or allowed.

Reduced exposure to pesticides

Choosing organic is an easy way to limit our exposure to pesticides, herbicides (weed killers) and many additives and preservatives. Organic farmers aim to create a natural balance between plants and animals to prevent pests, so that they don't need to rely on pesticides.

Enjoying food as it should be

Choosing organic means that you are supporting farming practices with a more traceable production process and you will always know what's in your food. Organic standards prohibit GM crops and ingredients, hydrogenated fats, and controversial artificial foods colours and preservatives.

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